Health Information Technology Salary

The salaries of different health information technology jobs depend on a variety of factors such as:

  • What type of education or certification’s? 
  • Where do they work? hospital, doctors office, government?
  • How long have they been working in health information technology?
  • In which state are they employed?
  • Rural area, or Big City?


health information technology salary

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Medical Records / Health Information technician Salary

According to,  the average salary of someone working as a health information technician is between $21,015 – $41,330 with a median salary of $28,313. In addition, 89 percent of people working in  medical records are female.

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Health Information Management Salary

According to, the average health information management salary is $26,394. The majority of people working in this profession are female (96 percent) and 46 percent have been working in the field for 1-4 years.

Registered Health Information Administrator Salary

According to the average health information administration salary $42,962. Furthermore, 65 percent of those working is the field have 1-4 years of work experience.

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Health Information Management (HIM) Director Salary

According to the 234 people surveyed on the average salary of a Health information Management Director is between $37,090 – $101,707 with a median salary of $63,169. Most people working in this profession have a health information technology degree, health information technology certification, or have a certified coding specialist (CCS) certificate.  In addition, 50 percent of people working in this profession have 10 years or more experience.

The Main Tasks of a Health Information Management Director Include:

  • Keep track of, and ensure effective use of department resources.
  • Develop and observe computerized record administration system processes.
  • Create and implement organizational policies and procedures pertaining to patient data companies.
  • Oversee staff operations, business planning in addition to budget development.
  • Plan and direct the medical information management program areas, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

Health Information Management Salary (Manager)

According to  the average salary health information manager salary is $48,902. California has the highest paid salary which goes well into the six figures depending on how many years of work experience you have.

The main tasks of a Health Information Manager Include:

  • Oversee and supervise staff on the medical records service department.
  • Manage the recruitment, training, and development of staff in the medical records department.
  • Supervise the release of information to insurance and government agencies in accordance with regulations.
  • Assist with financial operations, which includes budget planning, in addition to financial reporting.
  • Monitor all areas of medical records department ensuring services are in compliance with state and federal regulatory specifications.


For more information about different health information technician salaries in every state, click the Bureau of Labor Statistics link below.

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